Concrete Plunge Pools


The fastest, easiest and highest quality concrete pools in America.

Our award-winning precast concrete plunge pools are the first of their kind, bringing the fastest, easiest, and highest quality concrete pool to the market.

Through advanced design, engineering and manufacturing, we've created the only national concrete swimming pool solution.

Explore Our Range

Studio - 12ft x 7ft
Original - 15ft x 8ft
Max - 20ft x 10ft

Enjoy your pool
in days, not months.

By deconstructing and reengineering the concrete pool building process, we’ve streamlined both production and on-site build times.

20ft x 10ft Plungie Max pool
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Manufactured in Texas,
delivered America-wide.

We’ve taken the guesswork out of buying a pool.

We've taken the traditional and highly inefficient method of onsite pool construction and revolutionized it by combining world-class advanced manufacturing technologies and award-winning design.

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