Plungie bringing architect and builder together

October 6, 2021 1 minute read

Another beautiful architectural build, this time featuring our Plungie Max. This home is being built by Novo Property, design by Plot Architecture and showcases the extent of the Plungie’s versatility.

Novo Ashgrove - Youtube Captions


Builder: Novo Property
Design: Plot Architecture  
Suburb: Ashgrove, Brisbane
Project typeKnockdown rebuild

Here at Plungie we pride ourselves on being a solution that creates serious efficiencies on site for the building industry, but also simplifying the pool inclusion during the design phase for an architect. The product is incredibly versatile and can be applied successfully even on the most unforgiving of sites - this project is certainly a great example of that. With the client brief of a pool inclusion being one of their prerequisites, it was a challenge that needed a solution.

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By working closely with the build team at Novo Property as well as Plot Architecture we've been able to include our Plungie Max with ease! Traditionally a site of this nature would have proved exceedingly difficult and cost prohibitive when looking to include a pool. Plungie, the Architect and Builder have come together to solve the problem, creating huge efficiencies that will no doubt ensure an outstanding finished product. 


This particular project is a knock down rebuild home located in the inner city suburb of Ashgrove in Brisbane. Taking the sloping block into consideration, the team at Plot Architecture have designed a split-level home to be built out of the ground, with the pre cast nature of Plungie creating the perfect centrepiece to allow Novo Property to build around.

We look forward to following this journey over the next 10 months to highlight what can be achieved with Plungie when considered earlier in the design phase of a project, but also how the product can be featured in such a high-end application. Stay tuned for updates as this beautiful home takes shape!

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