Plungie solution shines for Matt Risinger

February 28, 2022

In early February 2022 builders from across the world descended on Orlando, Florida for the NAHB International Builders’ Show. The event is the biggest builders’ trade show in the world and Plungie was there ready to show builders how they can expand their offering and deliver quality pools for their customers.  

Among the attendees was Matt Risinger from The Build Network, there to see the newest and coolest trends in building. He stopped by the Plungie display to see the team and follow up after first hearing about Plungie in mid-2021. When talking with Chris Macaulay, General Manager of Plungie North America, Matt admitted that he had avoided being part of traditional pool builds due to the time, cost and general hassle that they offer and would direct customers towards a specialist pool builder.

Plungie however provides a solution for builders by delivering a pre-cast pre-engineered pool for builders to be able to install and offer as part of the total build project. Matt was glowing in his appreciation for what Plungie can offer and said that the solution shines against other methods of adding a pool.

Hear more about what Matt had to say in the video below.

HubSpot Video

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