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We’re proud to be America's largest manufacturer and supplier of concrete swimming pools. A position we reached through the tireless pursuit of innovative design, engineering, and advanced manufacturing. 

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We’re proud to have partnered with Forterra, the US leaders in pre-cast concrete technologies, to manufacture our pools. This partnership has enabled us to produce pools at scale to the absolute highest standards of precision and quality for customers all over America.  

From humble suburbs to rooftops of the most premium sky home and apartment developments, you can do it all, with a Plungie. 

Whether a pool is requested by a client during their building project brief, specified by an Architect at the design phase, or offered by a builder as part of an options selection or promotional inclusion, we’ve helped builders win contracts, delight their clients, deliver projects on budget and on-time with an in-house, builders-direct premium concrete pool. 

And best of all, we offer great direct-to-trade pricing. 

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No longer do you need to outsource your client’s desire for a pool. By partnering with us as your pool supplier, you can truly take back control of your projects from start to finish with the fastest, easiest, and most cost-effective, premium concrete pool solution in the market. 


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A Plungie is the smart choice for builders looking for the best way to include a concrete swimming pool in a residential building project. 

Every Plungie is accompanied with standardised pre-engineered specifications and a straightforward installation process that allows you complete flexibility to install in-ground, above-ground, or anywhere in between. This makes our pools an easy solution no matter the site: flat, sloped, tiered, or even on rooftops.

Our revolutionary products and process make Plungie the ideal solution for your: 

  • New home builds
    Whether they are a project, custom, high-end, boutique, or knock-down-rebuild
  • Multi-residential building developments
    Whether they are multi-detached dwellings such as townhome development, duplex or low, medium to high rise building and development projects 
  • Renovations or extensions
  • Landscaping and/or stand-alone pool additions
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