Who’s this Plungie for?

Well this is exciting.
Can you please describe your project for us?

I’m building a new home
and want to have a Plungie
in the yard.
I’m doing some home
improvement and want a
Plungie in my yard.
Something else?
Just let us know what
you’re thinking.

Well this could be an exciting venture.
How would you describe yourself?

What Plungie model are you interested in?

Studio - 12ft x 7ft
Original - 15ft x 8ft
Arena - 11.5ft Round
Max - 20ft x 10ft

Select your filtration package?

Base Equipment Package
AOP Ozone + UV
Smart Eco Equipment Package
Salt Equipment Package
AOP+UV with Salt Equipment Package

Select a heater?

Gas heater 400k BTU
Electric Heat + Chill

Is your enquiry for an…

This is great.
We only need a few more details about you including delivery address and projected delivery date (even if it's approximate).

And finally the client.
Where will the Plungie be delivered?

Thanks so much, .

There should be a detailed quote in your inbox now.