Every Plungie comes with an internal high-performance thermo polymer coating — which is the fancy way of describing ecoFinish.

ecoFinish is a highly engineered form of powder coating that’s heat-blasted onto the internal shell of the pool, forming a completely sealed, flexible, waterproof membrane that’s both luxurious to the touch, and highly durable.

The finished feel of each pool varies slightly and ranges between a slightly coarse, sandstone like finish and smooth porcelain tiles. In any instance the surface has fantastic non-slip capabilities without feeling abrasive on skin. 

We recommend using a coping tile for the top edge of all models to integrate your pool with your surrounds. These can be purchased from any tile retailer and installed by a trade professional. 

Just like all Plungie USA products, ecoFinish is a proudly American Made product, manufactured in Pennsylvania and exported globally.

We also offer a waterline tile provision. This is a provision that can be made for the ecoFinish to stop at the bottom of the skimmer entry. This will allow you to apply a waterline tile to your pool once installed.

In addition to this we offer an alternative raw concrete internal finish, this is a great option if you are looking to tile your entire pool